The important moment of Armor No.1 will bring you to witness the interview record of the winners of the Hong Kong Arts Development Award

May 26, 2022

We all know that artistic creation is a very complex and arduous spiritual labor, which requires artists to have noble ideological sentiments, profound life accumulation, rich aesthetic experience, outstanding artistic talent and skilled artistic skills.

Without artistic creation, there is no art work, and there is no art appreciation and art criticism.

In order to encourage people to create art, many countries and regions in the world have established art competition awards to recognize those art creators who have made important contributions. The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards is one of them.

Organized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards is an annual event in Hong Kong’s cultural and arts circles. A number of different awards are awarded every year to recognize artists who have made outstanding performances in Hong Kong’s arts and culture circles, as well as those who actively support arts activities. and groups and institutions, recognizing their efforts and achievements.

With the conclusion of the 15th “Hong Kong Art Development Award”, the organizing committee specially interviewed the award-winning guests in order to let the audience better understand them. And Ruige’s Armor No. 1 monitor is very honored to witness this important moment together.

I saw that in the bright, spacious and artistic interview hall, the interview began in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere as the on-site staff arranged the lighting, props, photographic equipment, etc.

In the monitoring area not far from the scene, you can see that three armored No. 1 monitors are arranged in sequence. The perfect combination of wine red and deep space black gives them their own aura and complements the interview scene.

It is through these three monitors that the director monitors the synchronized images shot by the three cameras on the scene from different angles, without losing any details.

From the photos of the scene, we can see that the monitoring effect of the monitor can be said to be very good, and people unconsciously have a feeling of being there.

In fact, the launch of the Ruige Armor No. 1 monitor has gone through a lot of hard work? Full market research in the early stage of the product, excellence in product design and development, the selection of the best product materials, and the extremely rigorous testing and inspection before the product goes on sale ensure the rock-solid and excellent quality of the Armor No. 1 monitor. Compared with the artistic creation of the artist, it can be said to have the same effect.

It is no wonder that the film crew chose the armor No. 1 monitor, which is undoubtedly a great trust and affirmation of the quality of Ruige products.


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