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Tell me which one you prefer, the Armor No.1 application to the commercials and TV series shooting?

July 6, 2022

As the armor No. 1 monitor has been practically applied in more and more fields, the frequency of appearance is also getting higher and higher. It can be seen in movie shooting, TV drama shooting, drone aerial photography, disaster relief reports, live sports events, etc. Armor No. 1 has been unanimously recognized by many customers for its practicality and reliability.

So guys, which one do you like more about the armor No. 1 in commercials and TV series? Don’t be in a hurry to give the answer.

After watching the comparison between the TV series and the commercial film below, let’s talk about the answer!

This is the application scene of a filming crew in Morocco during the live filming of a TV series.

In the picture is a group of shots taken indoors. There are basically cameras, tracks, lights, head monitors and other photographic equipment. The photographer and assistant are shooting in a very tacit understanding.

Our on-site monitoring staff sat very leisurely on the sofa, monitoring the images captured by the cameras through the two large-sized armored No. 1 monitors placed on the table in front of them, the effect of the monitor screen is very good.

This is the shooting scene of an Australian advertising company’s fitness advertising campaign.

The first set of shots was scheduled to be shot indoors.

I saw that the armor No. 1 monitor was installed on a mobile shooting vehicle and connected to the camera through a wireless ┬átransmission device. It’s a pity that the model was blocked by sandbags, but through the screen of the monitor, it can be seen that the model’s figure is still very sexy!

The second set of shots were shot outdoors.

However, how can the picture displayed by the armor one be Standby? It turned out that the photographer was not ready.

However, the effect of the highlight screen displayed outdoors is still great.

How about it, my friends, after watching the comparison of the two sets of scenes, which one do you like more in the commercials and the armor No. 1 in the TV series?


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