Do you use a mobile camera for on-set shooting, and what do you use for transition shooting? Take a look , you will understand

June 27, 2022

Recently, there has been a trend of using mobile shooting vehicles in the foreign film and television industry. Various mobile shooting vehicles frequently appear on the filming studio, forming beautiful scenery lines.

The general mobile shooting car is only limited to close-range mobile shooting in the shooting studio, and it seems powerless in the face of medium and long-distance transition shooting.

So is there any way to solve this problem? Let’s take a look at the mobile transition car made by a film crew abroad. It’s really creative and admirable.

First of all, it can be seen from the appearance of the transition car that it is actually a two-wheeled cargo box. The rear door is designed as a vertical opening and closing structure. After opening, the inclined slope of about 30 degrees can facilitate various equipment Handling and loading and unloading.

Although it does not have a power unit itself, it can be connected to a normal SUV using a towing device, so that it is very flexible. Most family SUVs with a displacement of more than 2.0 can be used to tow such a trailer-type transfer vehicle.

Let’s go inside it. It can be seen that for stability, a steel frame is used for support inside. The mobile shooting car, armor No. 1 monitor, camera, sunshade, light stand, connecting cable, etc. used for filming on the set are all stored in it, and there is still a lot of remaining space that has not been used up.

When the transfer car is pulled to the shooting studio, the equipment can be unloaded, arranged, prepared and filmed immediately.

Anyway, looking at the calm state of the on-site monitoring staff, you know that they must be masters who love to play on the set.

Finally, careful friends, have you noticed that the sun is so bright, but the monitor screen of Armor No. 1 is still clearly visible, isn’t it surprising?


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