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CARRY-ON MONITOR SHOOTING SCENE 5: Professional quality, be superior to hard-and-fast fule

March 28, 2022

According to the shooting schedule of director, the present time of each actor is different. Whatever, nobody was late, and none departure ahead of time without permission. We are most impressed by their working attitude, all people insist in the 40℃ high temperature environment, rather than relax under the sunshade. When they feel thirsty, just take a bottle of drink and return to work.

During the whole shooting, they have a good team work, just like flow process in the plant. They exchange business card and cell phone No. at the break, and look like the old friends meet again after long time. There’re no reminder of the hard-and-fast rules there, however, everything is well organized, and work can be treated as games.

Look the two assistants who stick to their posts standing behind.

Cinematograph and Focus Assistant; their assistant is setting up a sun-shading board.

Behind the scene, the cinematographer is very gentlemanly.

High Skilled And Experienced Cinematographer

Cheerful personality live director

Let me block the sunshine for you, otherwise, your hair will be burnt out!

This director is not only amiable, but obliging. Look! He even do “Action”!

Leaving each phone number to get more work opportunity.

It is time for break and lunch.

Lovely but “Scared ” sunset was setting, it is the time to do night shooting now.

LED Light, Dolly, etc.. Assistant equipment, Everything is ready.

The guy sitting in the right Chair, who is the role-player of “Producer”. Director temporarily adjustthe scene, although he got only one shot, he had been waiting from 3pm to 9 pm, he was still receptive and meticulous in the front of shot without any complain.

By the way, about the night light effect, only use two LED lightings, One is main light using and the other one is deputy light using, but the lighting effect was still pretty good. It seems like no matter with how many light to set up, but Lighting skill is most important.

By personal experience of on location, there are several necessary Protective Article we have to supply: Sunhat, Sunglasses, Casual Pants or Jeans, Comfortable Hiking Shoes, a long sleeve Shirt, and SPF50+ Sun Cream .( It is very necessary to avoid UV Damage.) Of course, it is better to take a towel to wipe perspiration.Not good looking, but very practical.


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