Item No.: VF-701HDA
☆This is a well-designed, reasonable structure, professional high quality HD viewfinder, is specially designed for all kinds of professional HD cameras.
☆High definition LCD panel (1280x800)
☆A wider viewing angle (H178 °/ V 178 ° )
☆Highlight mode(The ability to increase the brightness instantly improves
visibility outdoors), adjustable rear TALLY light
☆External TALLY signal input interface
☆Linear zoom trigger (patented technology)
☆Assistant focus function
☆GPS in video
☆Folding Anti-ref
  • Category: Viewfinder
  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Description Specification Function

    With the development of digital HD technology, RUIGE sequentially developed the professional grade viewfinder for the HD camera application. RUIGE custom-made multiple viewfinders for SONY, PANASONIC, HITACHI, JVC, IKEGAMI HD camera users

    Well-structured, full-featured, professional grad viewfinder with excellent image quality is well designed and custom-made for multiple professional HD cameras

    Tally light made of super high bright LED can be visible even under the high brightness environment, TALLY light brightness can be adjusted based on different shooting brightness demand

    The new folding sunshade sticking black anti-glare material around the inner part can make sure ideal viewing result under any environment

    This function can be for the simple ERP TV program production Receiving the TALLY trigger signal from the console

    Stability is priority element of the professional viewfinder. Besides this, signal transmission and playback, power matching, TALLY detecting, cable length, physical specification, craftsmanship, connector precision and material etc., the professional viewfinder design and production has much higher demand than that of the common monitors
    1.High Contrast LCD Panel 8001
    2.High Resolution LCD Panel1280×800
    3.Wide View AngleH178°/V178°
    4.High Brightnessadjustable rear-mounted TALLY Light
    5.External TALLY signal input terminal post
    6.Assisting Focus Function
    7.Linear zoom trigger patent technology
    8.Out of range signal detect function
    9.MonochromBLUE ONLY
    10.Safety markCenter markTitle frame
    11.43/169Letter boxOverscanfull screen
    12.Safety Lock Function
    13.F key Self-defining function F
    14.Super-long sunhood
    PANEL Screen Size 7”
    Resolution 1280H×800V
    Dot Pitch 0.117H×0.117Vmm
    Aspect Ratio 16:9 / 4:3 Switchable
    BrightnessMAX 400cd/m2
    ContrastMAX 800:1
    Color Depth 8Bits(16.7M Colors space )
    Image processor 10Bits
    Response Time 12ms
    Viewing Angle H 178° /  V 178°
    VIDEO IN VF 20 pin VF Cable
    Operation requirement Input Voltage DC 12V  Standard 4 pin XLR
    Power Consumption(MAX) 11W
    Working Temperature 0-40
    Storage Temperature -20-60
    Storage Humidity 0%-90% Non-coagulation
    Structure Shell Materials ABS engineering material
    Dimensionsunitmm 207(w)X151(h)X60(d)
    Weight About 1Kg
    Installation Device Video Camera
    Standard Accessories
    Fixing screws 2
    VF Main line 1
    U bracket 1
    FoldableSunhood 1
    Linear zoom trigger 1

    Function Sketch---Front View

    1  TALLY (indicator)
    2  Protection bar
    3  Sharpness / PTP
    4  Saturation / Color  B/W switch
    5  Contrast 
    6  Brightness / OSD
    7  Status lock / unlock
    8  Power indicatorЈredЈ
    9  Controller  jack
    ■F1、F2、F3、F4、F5   Shortcut(user-defined)
    Function Sketch---Back View

    10  TALLY (indicator)
    11  VF signal input 
    12  TALLY brightness adjustment knob
    13  TALLY signal input
    14  Power switch

    Focus Assistance
    A red peaking filter is used for Focus Assistance. It is represented as a red line around sharp edges. The edge color can be changed if desired; available colors are red, blue, green, yellow and white.
    Using a red peaking filter aids in the ability to quickly focus or refocus a shot. As the photographer zooms into focus his shot sharp edges will be represented as red lines.

    GPS in Video
    Rapid positioning for out of range indicator

    “Exposure analysis” function gives the user the ability to do fast out of range checks. When the image becomes more complex with out of range colors, it becomes too inconvenient to see.

    The design inspiration of this function is based on x-ray machines and body scanners at airports. The black color indicates hard items and the softer items are represented with White and purple. These colors can be isolated in one second by contrasting with “Exposure Analysis” when switched on.

    Case in point, security checks at airport are lacking due to subjective human factors. With Rapid positioning for out of range indicator allows for 100% accuracy. However, the end user has the freedom to not use this function for that artistic professional look.

    False Color
    Luminance levels can be represented using False Color on the screen. It represents the amount of exposure explained as color values ranging from Blue to Green to Yellow to Red. 
    False Color is used to assist in setting the camera exposure. Blue (cool color) indicates a low exposure, a darker blue indicates an even lower exposure. Red (warm color) indicates a high exposure and a deeper red indicates an even higher exposure. Green and Yellow are in between. A scan feature allowing the image to be offset to the upper left revealing the Luminance Waveform on the upper right makes it easy to identify parts of the picture which may exceed standards.

    Safe & Area Marker

    Image overflow or cutoffs can be checked using this feature. This is helpful during “Pan and Scan” as image is prepped for various broadcast markets. Ruige monitors have selections for Safety Marker Scales, Title Scales, Transform Scales and Center Cross. This is helpful for composition during shooting or title placement.

    Marker Scale​​​​​​​

    Blue Only 
    Only the blue portion of the video signal is displayed.
    This is used for monitor color phase adjustment, level and calibration

    Mono(chrome) displays only the Y portion of the video signal
    Human Eyes are more sensitive to the luminance signal therefore many viewfinders and small monitors have this function.

    Muti-Aspect Ratio Switchable
    In order to adjust for correct scanning users can choose different Aspect ratios. Selections are: 16:9, 4:3, Letterbox, Pixel-to-Pixel, Over Scan and Built-in Scan.

    Over scan
    Overscan is often used to programing for TV broadcast.

    Under Scan

    Because of the limit of monitor size and effective pixels, not all of monitors can be shown Full HD signal. Ruige P&B Series monitors use RPD technology to make image parts by parts to pixel to pixel so that 1080 original pixels can be reappear.
    This function can be used for the monitor with the resolution less than 1080. To view details, this function can avoid the loss of image detail due to lack of screen performance.