C6 Colorimeter

Item No.: C6 Colorimeter
All SpectraCal C6 colorimeters were calibrated in the SpectraCal Lab Certificated by NIST before they come into market . It has a great improvement and more precised in data reading compared with C3 colorimeter . Especially in the aspect of choosing monitor panel styles , it is compatible with all kinds of dispaly device in the market to realize more accurate color calibrating .
  • Category: Color
  • Description Specification
    Meter Key Features:
    Supports all display technologies, including plasma, LCD LED, front-projection and OLED
    Field upgradable for new display technologies and calibration tables
    Advanced low-light handling
    Complete spectral characterization technology
    NIST certified in SpectraCal's calibration lab prior to shipping
    Advanced light and color filters
    Sealed optics and sensors for increased lifespan
    Off-angle light compensation
    Build-in ambient light diffuser and tripod mount threading

    Supported Display Types:
    4K/HDTV/HDR Flat Panel TVs
    Reference Video Monitors
    Computer Monitors
    Multi-Panel Video Walls
    Shipping Weight 3lbs
    Meter Dimensions 2.5X2.6X1.5inches
    Cable Length 6 feet
    Interface Type USB
    System environment
    Windows version Windows® Vista™ or later with latest operating system updates installed (recommended: Windows 7® or later)
    CPU speed 2 GHz processor (recommended: 2 GHz Dual Core Processor)
    RAM 2 GB RAM (recommended: 4 GB RAM)
    Microsoft updates Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5 or later
    System type 32bit/64bit