Armor NO.1

Item No.: Armor NO.1
☆Armor No.1 from the United States, with the subversive innovative design, refreshes the inherent thinking of this industry.
☆Armor No.1 is the combination of strength and art, the intersection of professionalism and fashion.
☆The Armor No.1 will surely bring you extraordinary visual and operating experience.
  • Category: Accessory
  • Screen Size: It is the optional accessory for AT series monitor
  • Description

    Monitor is an indispensable equipment for location filming.Equipment movement is unavoidable during company move.
    With heavy and bulky case, the traditional portable monitor can not even be considered portable. It is a pain for filmmakers.
    Designed in the US ,the innovative monitor carrying case has strikingly changed the traditional looking of field monitor case .
    Armor No 1 is made of high –strength aluminum-magnesium alloy and ABS plastic.It is half size and weight  of traditional monitor case.
    Getting refined internally and externally to make sure safety.The reinforced shock-absorbent corners are made of flexible material, which keeps monitor safely cushioned inside.

    The inner cushion is designed to compress and disperse shock, which offers solid drop protection for monitor inside. It can withstand drop to 50cm.
    Special material is utilized to build the front and rear case covers. The cover is only 3mm thick and less than 500mg weight, but it allows the monitor to be water-resist and dust-proof, while still being able to hold impact up to 80kg.
    Thanks to the integrated design, Armor No 1 portable case can be uninstalled from the monitor within seconds without using tools.A filed monitor can be easily transformed into a desktop monitor.
    Armor No.1 is designed rugged, and protects monitor in various harsh environment.It is the ultimate choice for outdoor filming.
    The wine-colored aluminum alloy plate with 1/4” and 3/8” receivers, are designed for installation of wireless video transmission kit.
    Premium quality easy-grip handle in moderate size provides maximum working comfort, which can effectively lighten the loads caused by equipment moving.
    The upper case and bottom case, as well as front and rear case covers, are all locked by durable butterfly locks.Easy to operate and sleek looking.
    The hidden support bracket can be turned out to protect monitor from tipping even with battery attached 
    The perfect combination of deep space black and wine red makes Armor No. 1 attractive and trendy.The utilize of durable metal and soft flexible material breaks up traditional look of industrial product and makes Armor No.1 a fashionable gear.