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Screen Size:17.3 inch
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Product description

  • Full HD, wide viewing angle, wide color gamut, 10bit IPS LCD panel, totally covers REC-709 color gamut. equipped with PCC professional color calibration system (3D LUT), richer color reproduction, brings you more delicate, real color sensing experience.
  • 3G-SDI
  • 10-bit
  • 1920X1080 (IPS)
  • Foldable sunhood
  • Perfect focus assistant function
  • Built-in 3D LUT (support REC709, SMPTE-C, EBU)
  • Up to 6 hours Battery life (with volume display function)
  • Log mode conversion function (S-log1, S-log2, S-log3, C-log)

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( IPS technology) High resolution panel


Ruige uses a 10bit IPS panel with full Resolution( covers REC-709 Gamut), full Viewing Angle and Wide Gammut, includes PCM, A professional Color Management System (3D LUT). The Color Space is rich and high in performance which brings more details, true color and a better sensory experience for the user.


Product Features
◆On Display Battery Meter
◆Detachable Foldable Sunshade
◆1920X1080 Native Resolution(IPS Technology)
◆Built in 3D LUT (Support REC709, SMPTE-C, EBU)
◆V mount/Gold mount Battery Plate (6 hours operating time using 130 Watt Battery)
◆Log mode conversion function
◆Perfect Auxiliary Measurement Functions ( Luminance waveform, RGB Waveform, Vector,Focus Peaking and False Color)


Advanced Engineering Box

TL1730HDA-CO uses The Italian high-class Engineering Box. The box is made of high-temperature resistant, impact resistant, water proof and dust proof. The case is made of high grade material making it well suited for field production and handles changing environments with speed.



Stable performance is derived from tight Quality Control

Stable and durable performances are elements which provide cost savings for both Rental companies and end users. The product has gone through various test, namely: A 150 cm Drop Test, High Temperature Aging for 12 hours, Long Operation at Room Temperature. We ensure that the TL1730HDA-CO will be able to handles all sorts of transport and environments.

Separable Electronics and LCD Display

In this unique and patent pending design developed by Ruige the electronics and controls are place in the bottom of the unit and only the LCD display resides in the lid. It reduces the overall weight of the upper part of the case, and avoids the monitor of falling over during normal operation -a traditional integrated monitor could never do this. The Carry-on Monitor also features hydromatic levers which automatically brings the LCD Display to a pre-set angle for operation.


Unique Dust Resistant Design

Built-in Controls are also one of the highlights of this product. The Controls are located on the front of the unit and can be accessed while the unit is operational. By pushing “OPEN” slightly, the Controls will be rotated upwards automatically and presented in a 45 degree angle for easy operation. After finishing adjustments, simply press the Controls down to close it. By keeping the controls closed, you can avoid sand and water conditions from getting into the carry on monitor.


Extended Battery Time

Field production often uses DC power. The TL1730HDA-CO is compatible with 14.4v Broadcast Lithium-Batteries and can continuously operate for over 6 hours when using a 130Wh Broadcast Lithium-Battery.


The Monitor’s internal Battery mount ensures that the battery stays locked and provides stable power during motion in rugged terrain.

Screen Protector

TL1730HDA-CO comes with a removable screen protector which can prevent the LCD screen from being scratched or impacted.

Effective High Temperature Resistant Design

During field production, monitors are often exposed to strong sun light. Long time exposure to high temperature can make a monitor’s internal components degrade and speed up the aging time. This reduces the working stability and longevity.  

The TL1730HDA-CO uses a separable patented technology, which separates the LCD Panel from the Controller and greatly reduces the internal temperature during operation.


Unique Sunhood

The improved Sunhood has a better design as it is smaller and more compact compared to other models. The usage is simpler and breaking down is much faster.


Easy to Carry-on 

The compact and slim TL1730HDA-CO can be brought on any flight as Carry-on luggage to all countries. The dimensions fit the luggage rack of all airline cabins.

Log mode conversion function

The shooting material based on Log mode undoubtedly provide a more creative space for the post-production. However, the partial gray screen prones to the illusion of an incorrect exposure or effects the lighting engineers to observe lighting effects. Therefore , at site ,converting the Log mode to REC-709 standard color gamut helps directors, photographers, and lighting specialists to see the final color and lighting effects ,which is necessary .And the "Carry-on " monitor possesses S-log1, S-log2, S-log3 and C-log conversion feature.


Size 17.3 inch
DOT PITCH 0.199(H)×0.199(V)mm
ASPECT RATIO 16:9 / 4:3 Switchable
COLOR DEPTH 10Bits(1.073G color )
VIEWING ANGLE H 178° / V 178°






Analogue Audio Input RCA 1 line(dual channel)
Audio demultiplexing Support
Audio meters 16 channels (Maximum 8 channels can be displayed at one time)
Speakers 1x8Ω/1W (front)
Headset Support


VGA VGA(640*480)、SVGA(800*600)、XGA(1024*768)、WXGA(1280*768/1280*800)、SXGA(1280*1024)、SXGA+(1440*1050)、WSXGA(1680*1050)、UXGA(1600*1200)、WUXGA(1920*1200)
HDMI 480p/60、480i/60、576i/50、576p/50、720p(50/60)、1080i(/50/60)、1080p(24/25/30/50/60)
3G-SDI 1080p50/60
HD-SDI 1080i/60/59.94/50、1080p/30/29.97/25/24/24sF/23.98/23.98sF、720p/60/59.94/50
SD-SDI 480/59.94i、576/50i


Input voltage 12V DC 4 pin XLR
Power consumption(MAX) ≤25W
Working temperature 0-40℃
Store temperature -20-60℃
Store humidity 0%-90% No Condensation


Shell material PPS special engineering plastic
Dimension(mm) 474X415X149mm
Weight 9KG(do not contain sunhood)
Installing way Built in carry on case

Outline size



   1 Brightness / Menu
   2 Contrast / Volume
   3 Saturation / monochrome conversion key
   4 Sharpness / Pixel to Pixel
   5 Composite input / output
   6 Audio input
   7 HD/SD-SDI input
   8 HD/SD-SDI output
   9 HDMI input
   10 TALLY input
   11 VGA input
   12 5V output
   13 DC 12V power input
   14 Power switch
   15 Earphone jack






1 Lock key / Menu exit
2 Composite in switch
3 VGA in switch
4 HDMI in switch
5 SDI in switch
6 Shortcut keys(user-defined)



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