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Screen Size:7 inch
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Product description

  • This is a well-designed, reasonable structure, professional high quality HD viewfinder, is specially designed for all kinds of professional HD cameras.
  • High definition LCD panel (1280x800)
  • A wider viewing angle (H178 °/ V 178 ° )
  • Highlight, adjustable rear TALLY light
  • External TALLY signal input interface
  • Linear zoom trigger (patented technology)
  • Assistant focus function
  • GPS in video
  • Extended anti-reflective sunhood

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Whether EFP or ESP, external viewfinders is necessary monitoring equipment for ESP and ESP at TV station. It can be widely used for the production of literary and artistic special report, sports, etc.

Ruige developed its first professional LCD viewfinder, the TL-500VF, in 2006. Since then, they have developed many HD professional viewfinders for several large camera brands like Hitachi. Now Ruige cansupply different types of customized viewfinders such as Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, Ikegami and so on”.




High resolution panel(1280x800)

Wider viewing angles (LR178°/UD178°)

High brightness adjustable rear Tally light

External Tally signal input

Zoome function by linear zoom trigger (Patented Technology)

Peaking focus

Out of range indicator

 Extra long Anti-reflective Sunshade


Panel with high resolution

Camera operators today demand the highest quality pictures. With the VF-701HDA LCD display of  1280x800, 800:1 contrast and camera information, the operator and rest assured he is using the right   tool for the job.

Wider Viewing angle


With both horizonal and vertical 178° viewing angle, it still can monitor the same /Image effect as horizonal monitoring evenif the camera is set up at hight positon.




Elaborate design, attention to details


The VF connectors accuracy coupled with the finest materials are a perfect match for all professional brand camera’s.A newly design channel has been added to the monitor frame to allow the user to tuck the cable away for a more sleek look and practical use.







Size 7 inch
RESOLUTION 1280(H)×800(V)
DOT PITCH 0.117(H)×0.117(V)mm
ASPECT RATIO 16:9 / 4:3 switchable
VIEWING ANGLE H 178° / V 178°


VF Cable 20 pins VF cable input


Shell material ABS+PC
Dimension(mm) L207 x H151x D60(mm)
Weight Around 1Kg

Outline size


1  TALLY (indicator)
2  Protection bar
3  Sharpness / PTP
4  Saturation / Color  B/W switch
5  Contrast
6  Brightness / OSD
7  Status lock / unlock
8  Power indicatorЈredЈ
9  Controller  jack
■F1、F2、F3、F4、F5   Shortcut(user-defined)










10  TALLY (indicator)
11  VF signal input
12  TALLY brightness adjustment knob
13  TALLY signal input
14  Power switch 


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