New generation Carry On monitor debut in Hollywood

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New generation Carry On monitor debut in Hollywood


The annual Cine Gear Expo were held at the Studios at Paramont on 6th-7th, June, 2014. What a difference with NAB, at this show, most of visitors are professonal for film or TV pre-production. Even celebrity and big shot in entertainment industry visited the show. Lin Huitai, the famous steadicam operator in Hongkong; Zhao xiaoding, most popular cinematographer in china and the DP for China first 4K film “Coming Home” attended Cine Gear Expo as well. This show was not only to exhibit. new gear and new technology, but it was the communication grand meeting about the latest technology information between all of professionals in this industry.

The second Ruige generation Carry On monitor with unique design and accurate picture quality garnered high praise byindustry professionals at this show.


RUIGE Carry-on monitor advertising guide.



Mr Zhao Xiaoding – a well known photographer meet with RUIGE CEO Ma Jian at RUIGE booth for photos.

Carry-on monitors attract much attention from Professional customers.

New type moving filming equipment.

Take photo with General manager Mr Liu Hao from “BENRO”

New type aerial photography aircraft.

Highly integrated filming & lighting equipment vehicle.