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  Though the mobile shooting car is equipped with the generator for offering the location light, however, during the whole day, only use two spotlights to shoot the moving lens at night, not use more lighting. 

       The light is very strong on the shooting day, and the shooting is completed in a large parking lot. When start shooting, it is approaching the noon time , and the noon is not a suitable time for the shooting , we worry whether the light angle and contrast will affect the picture effect or not. 

Per the picture, the sun shine is close to the midday in the vertical radiation angle.

       Don’t worry about it, they are specialized, with the two assistants intense and organized work, you will understand the worries is unnecessary.there are a group of walk show scenes, which need high standard of main / auxiliary light and outline light, the assistants made use of the pipes, brackets and soft cloth, firstly setting up the 3 square meters lambency tent , simulating the scattering light effect , using an aluminum reflector plate size at 1 square meter to reflect the sunshine to the actor ‘s face , after making sure of the main light location and effect , adding to one piece of soft light cloth in front of the reflector plate, this made the main light effect ,also changed the light quality , making the light more gentle and delicate. 

   However the below guys actions made me confused at the beginning, after observation, knew that the holding reflector plates are for creating computer light effect. Reflecting the sun light behind of the models, because the 4 reflecting points can not be concentrated, just crosstalk and shaking, then forming seemingly computer stroboscopic illumination effect, and the photographer used a telephoto lens, blurring the virtual back depth of field, making the spot is illusory and dynamic. 

      Americans often say, California has three treasures: sunshine, beach,and wine.The sunny has become one of the California cultural elements.For Hollywood filmmakers, they make full use of the nature gift to give sufficient light, after perennial practice and exploration, forming a nearly perfect performance method, worthy of our reference.After careful observation of light utilization, I am thinking about a question: should they be called the lighting engineer? Or it should be called the light utilization master? Maybe Hollywood lighting engineer must have the ability to utilize the light. 

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