2015 IBC Show News

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IBC 2015 was held in a very lovely sunshine and clean refreshing autumn in Amsterdam in Sept 11th. It was the ninth year that Ruige ’s foreign trade team attend this show ,under the leadership of sales director – Lili.

During this show , Ruige showed its film grade monitor TL-D2410HD (24.1” ) exclusively, features full HD ,10 Bit color depth ,and DCI-P3 color-space. It attracted many professional users of post production. This was also the only HD monitor that can meet with DCI-P3 color space except 4K monitor at present . During the show , we had received orders of 30 sets this model , though it will be on the market in October .

TL-P700HD(7″)is a high brightness monitor that the real measuring brightness can reach 1000cd/m2 . With the excellent performance in the Military Parade of China in 3, Sept , the monitor has been paid high attention by most of foreign customers . The customer who had used other brand high brightness monitors gave a high praise “ it is really a monitor can be called high brightness monitor! “ . TL-P700HD can meet various shooting requirements according to different shooting environment by self -define the backlight brightness and got the most highly praise by customers.

The most eye catching item is the BM-100 Magic Box with multi-functions joint developed by Ruige and Spectacal –an American software company. The “magic box” can not only be used as a signal generator by generating SMPTE RP219 SDTV/HDTV standard color bar, but also can be loaded 3 types of 3D-LUT. It had solved the hardware problem basically in color management of the monitor and can realize 3D color calibration for any professional monitors of various brands. BM-100 can also be loaded 3 types of self-define 3D-LUT and provide first grade color calibration files for DIT.


“Innovation” is the eternal theme of Ruige!


The sales manager lili of Ruige and the sales manager of SpectraCal.

After the large quantity order of 7”view finder from Ruige, the Hitachi European branch and its main engineers visited Ruige booth. They negotiated the matter of assembling. Before long the 7”view finder will be on the market of Europe.




Carry-on TL1730HDA-CO Monitor is still greatly welcomed by customers !